Diverse group of people supporting each other through a difficult time.
You Better Bereave It

We believe that the grief experience can be better for Individuals, Organizations, and Communities.

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We help individuals and corporations around the country address their grief in a healthy way that allows for healing while establishing a plan for sustainable living moving forward.

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Katie Hansen

Whose Mission is to Help inspire Better Bereavement for All

In 2011, my sister died in a car accident, and it changed almost every aspect of my life. After attending a grief group, counseling, and receiving social support from others, I realized grief is not something to walk through alone. I experienced helpful support but also some awful support, albeit those people had the best of intentions. When I was ready, I wanted to give back and I started volunteering at a local grief center. Through that, I saw it was not just me that was unsatisfied with people’s reactions, and that socially we do not know how to sufficiently talk about, react to, or support those who are grieving. Nor are we prepared enough for the inevitable event that we will die or lose a loved one. I knew there had to be a better way for the bereaved to experience grief. You better bereave I care, and I am committed to empowering individuals, organizations, and communities to live and grieve more comfortably!

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